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F I N N A I R 芬 蘭 航 空 | Fly the shortcut to Asia 飛亞洲的捷徑

Fly via Helsinki and take the most direct route between Europe and Asia. You’ll reach your destination in Asia faster when you fly with Finnair.
UK offer: 2PCs of 23KG luggage offer when flying to China or Hong Kong!

英國優惠:飛中國、香港兩件 23 公斤行李限額

Hong Kong – 飛香港

from £480 incl. tax – Edinburgh
from £481 incl. tax – Manchester
from £506 incl. tax – London Heathrow

Travel Dates: 18JUN-19JUN, 01SEP-26SEP, 29OCT-04DEC, 12JAN-24JAN, 11FEB-25MAR, 14APR-20MAY
* Baggage: 2PCs (2 x 23KG) 
* Max stay: 12 Month

China Cities – 飛中國大城市

from £478 incl. tax – London Heathrow to Xi'an 西安
Travel Dates: 25AUG-26SEP, 15OCT-22OCT, 23APR-21MAY 

from £478 incl. tax – Manchester to Guangzhou 廣州
Travel Dates: 18SEP-25SEP, 30OCT-30NOV, 08JAN-25JAN, 12FEB-25MAR, 11APR-23MAY

from £478 incl. tax – London Heathrow to Shanghai 上海
Travel Dates:  04SEP-01OCT, 28OCT-06DEC, 07JAN-25JAN, 11FEB-25MAR, 11APR-23MAY 

from £478 incl. tax – London Heathrow to Chongqing 重慶
Travel Dates: 01SEP-29SEP, 20OCT 

from £478 incl. tax – London Heathrow to Nanjing 南京
Travel Dates: 27JUN, 29AUG-01OCT, 15OCT-14DEC, 07JAN-25JAN, 11FEB-24MAR, 11APR-21MAY

from £508 incl. tax – Manchester to Beijing 北京
Travel Dates: 08SEP, 28OCT-06DEC, 07JAN-25JAN, 11FEB-25MAR, 11APR-23MAY

* Baggage: 2PCs (2 x 23KG) 
* Max stay: 12 Month


* Baggage allowance - 2PCs (2 x 23KG)
* Tickets are changeable but non-refundable 
* Terms and conditions apply
* Price subject to seat availability and blackout dates, please call for more details.
* Please be reminded that these promotional fares are on a first come, first serve basis and depending on seat availability at the time of booking. Limited seat offer. 

* 機票價格為此訊息發出時價格,如無特別說明則皆為往返機票價格,各大機場機場稅略有不同
* All prices inclusive of pre-payable taxes and charges. Fares may change due to availability at the time of booking. Price is for round trip ticket unless specified otherwise.

* 所有優惠資料在發佈時皆為正確,但可能隨時基於任何理由改變而無須事先通知。
* Please note, all the information on this offer is accurate at the time of publication. If you are viewing this offer at a later date or time, price and availability may no longer be as advertised.