Unique Istanbul experiences free with Turkish Airlines

Touristanbul organised for you and make your waiting period a journey!

• How to apply?

After your Turkish Airlines connecting international flight, you can sign up for Touristanbul at the Hotel Desk in the International Arrivals Terminal of Istanbul Airport.

• What is Touristanbul?

If you have a connecting international flight in Istanbul with a layover between 6-24 hours, you can make use of our free Touristanbul service to discover Istanbul.


Welcome to Istanbul

Let’s say you arrived at Istanbul Airport and if you have visa or no visa requires and have 6-24 hours layover time. You will be picked up by a tour guide. When you proceed to the Hotel Desk, 30 minutes before the tour starts, after passport and customs controls.

Enjoy your meal

Are you ready to be introduced to the extraordinary tastes alongside Istanbul’s magnificent views? During the tour you will get chance to taste delicious Turkish and Ottoman traditional food at an elegant restaurant.


Discover the beauties

Get ready to see world famous monuments witnessing history! We are confident that this will be one of your most memorable experiences. You will enjoy a great Bosphorus view from Ortaköy and fill every moment with joy in Istanbul.

See you soon

Thank you for joining our tour. Hope you enjoyed your tour and see you again on another Turkish Airlines flight. You can share your experience with all your friends and travel lovers. You will always remember this unique Istanbul adventure.


• What is Touristanbul?

Touristanbul is a free layover service for all international transfer Turkish Airlines passengers. Anyone who flies through Istanbul and has a 6-24 hours layover time welcome to Touristanbul.

After you arrive at Istanbul Airport, you will be picked up. Then you will be taken to the historical places and beautiful restaurants. You will enjoy Istanbul’s historical and natural beauties rather than wasting your time waiting at the airport. After a marvellous tour, you will be taken to the Istanbul Airport.

During the tour, you will be able to see the most significant historical sights of a city that has hosted major civilisations of the world. You will be a privileged visitor of the many magnificent traces that each of them has left in history. If the waiting time between your connecting flights in Istanbul allows, you shouldn’t miss this experience.

• An amazing experience

Touristanbul offers you to see the beautiful sights of Istanbul where has hosted major civilisations of the world!


Touristanbul map

You can check our Touristanbul map in order to discover various beautiful locations included to our Istanbul tour route.

• Frequently asked questions

For more information regarding Touristanbul, you can access frequently asked questions and their answers here.

You can learn whether your travel is concurrent with the tours or not, and access all other details of the tour. Check the frequently asked questions and learn everything about Touristanbul!