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Direct flight to Sanya
• fr £395 incl. tax | London Heathrow  

• Travel Date: 05MAY-27JUN, 29AUG-26SEP, 20OCT-05DEC
• Baggage allowance: 2PCs - 2x23KG


Direct flight to Guangzhou
• fr £485 incl. tax | London Heathrow 

• Travel Date: 30APR-18JUN, 02SEP-03SEP, 26OCT-05DEC  
• Baggage allowance: 2PCs - 2x23KG


中國 Indirect flights to China

• fr £377 incl. tax | 上海 Shanghai
• fr £428 incl. tax | 北京 Beijing
• fr £428 incl. tax | 大連 Dalian
• fr £428 incl. tax | 沈陽 Shenyang
• fr £428 incl. tax | 哈爾濱 Harbin
• fr £429 incl. tax | 南京 Nanjing
• fr £429 incl. tax | 杭州 Hangzhou
• fr £435 incl. tax | 重慶 Chongqing

• Baggage allowance: 2PCs - 2x23KG

More Destination:  Chengdu 成都,Guilin 桂林,Haikou 海口,Wuhan 武漢,Changchun 長春, Guiyang 貴陽,Zhengzhou 鄭州,Changsha 長沙,Nanchang 南昌,Urumqi 烏魯木齊

Baggage allowance: 2PCs - 2x23KG
* Max stay 3months, unless stated
* Flights are from London Heathrow

* Price subject to seat availability and blackout dates, please call for more details.
* Please reminded that these promotional fares are on a first come, first serve basis and depend on seat availability at the time of booking. Limited Seats Offer.
More destinations please call 0333 666 8888 or email us; 

* 機票價格為此訊息發出時價格,如無特別說明則皆為往返機票價格,各大機場機場稅略有不同
* All prices inclusive of prepayable taxes and charges. Fares may change due to availability at the time of booking. Price is for round trip ticket unless specified otherwise.

* 所有優惠資料在發佈時皆為正確,但可能隨時基於任何理由改變而無須事先通知。
* Please note, all the information on this offer is accurate at the time of publication. If you are viewing this offer at a later date or time, price and availability may no longer be as advertised.